Our Party

Greenwich Republicans are committed to ensuring a bright and strong future, building on the remarkable success of those who served before us and who built this town that we are grateful to call home.

Greenwich Republicans are focused on securing a prosperous future right here in our hometown. As staunch advocates for our community, we are committed to keeping Greenwich a beacon of fiscal responsibility and business-friendly policies in Connecticut. We champion a state government that is limited in its reach into our lives and our town government. We champion a town government this is effective and efficient. Most important, we are ensuring that our local governance reflects our community values. We stand firm in upholding the rule of law, celebrating our flag, and supporting our brave service members.

Locally, we are dedicated to expanding educational choices and upholding parental rights.

By implementing sensible Republican policies that lower taxes and streamline regulations, we aim to boost Greenwich’s economy and ensure our town remains a thriving, attractive place for generations to come.

Greenwich Republicans are positively local. It’s a blend of fiscal prudence and civic pride, mixed with a love of community and a strong dash of a pride in our New England heritage. We take local control seriously, whether it’s keeping our historical spots intact or ensuring that every municipal dollar is not wasted. Greenwich is a business-friendly town that respects its roots, all while providing a lifestyle that’s unparalleled in the tri-state area. And while we ensure our schools and town services are top-notch, we draw the line at piling debt on our children backs. The lowest mill rate in Fairfield County doesn’t just happen by accident, after all; in Greenwich, it’s the result of decades of painstaking, community-minded Republican governance. Most important, we will fight for local control because we understand that protecting our exceptional hometown from Hartford excesses is essential to keeping Greenwich not just a place to live, but a place to thrive.
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