Greenwich Republicans is an inclusive and diverse group of dedicated volunteers who believe in the values upon which our country was founded. We love our country, believe in the Bill of Rights,support the U.S. Constitution and stand for our Flag. We believe that all men, women and children are created equal. The Republican Party continues to be the party of hope and opportunity because we stand for freedom and liberty for all Americans.

Our Guiding Principles

We believe in Effective, Efficient, Limited Government

  • Businesses prosper when free from overreaching government policies which hurt jobs, cause inflation and motivate businesses to move out
  • We believe businesses prosper and remain stable when they are free from overreaching government policies which increase costs and hurt jobs.
  • We believe people thrive with personal agency and without the interference of state and federal government and their unelected bureaucrats.
  • We believe prosperity for all comes through the free market and policies that encourage development, economic growth and entrepreneurship in U.S. rather than policies which sacrifice American jobs and national security

We Believe in Educational Excellence

  • We support school policies which prioritize educational achievement over any other concerns.
  • We support an education system that focuses on academic rather than nonacademic teachings. We oppose the injection of theories or pedagogy which foster racism and division.
  • We believe parents can make the best choices for their children's physical, social and emotional health.

We Believe in Protecting our Citizens Safety and Freedom from Crime

  • We believe the rights of law-abiding citizens supersede the rights¬†of criminals.
  • We support rational judges and well-funded law enforcement, which exist to protect the rights of the individual and to prevent mob rule.
  • We believe all Americans deserve to live their lives and raise their families in neighborhoods that are free from crime.
  • We stand proudly for our flag and for our brave men and women in uniform

We Believe in Independence

  • We believe in the freedom to own Property without deed restrictions.
  • We believe in the freedom to determine housing, planning, and zoning locally. Let local citizens plan our town, instead of forced housing imposed from Hartford.
  • We believe in the liberty to determine our religious beliefs, how to raise our children and how we live our lives.
  • We believe our principles will encourage families to remain in CT.

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