As Democrats Betray Greenwich Fazio Comes to the Rescue

As Democrats Betray Greenwich Fazio Comes to the Rescue

Can you believe it? In a surprising twist of fate for Greenwich, our own state Representatives Arzeno, Khanna, and Meskers, all Democrats, sided with broader state policies that diverged starkly from their campaign assurances on local zoning control. They voted in favor of HB5390, the Transit Oriented Development bill, spearheaded by Desegregate CT, which aimed to diminish our town’s authority over zoning decisions near transit hubs betraying the very town that they represent. 

However, the story took a remarkable turn when our State Senator, Republican Ryan Fazio, stepped in and successfully thwarted the bill’s ultimate passage by effectively killing it in the Senate. Thank God for Ryan Fazio, whose decisive action safeguarded our local control and upheld the values Greenwich residents hold dear.

This proposed legislation would have allowed developments of up to 9 units by default and mandated that larger developments include affordable housing, all bypassing usual environmental checks. Such changes would override local governance, effectively dictating the developmental future of our town without our input.  Its impact on Riverside and OldGreenwich would be especially harsh. 

This isn’t just a minor policy shuffle; it represented a significant betrayal of trust. Representatives Arzeno, Khanna, and Meskers consistently campaigned on platforms of local autonomy, pledging to protect our right to dictate our community’s development. Yet, under pressure from their party leaders, they abandoned these commitments.

However, thanks to Senator Fazio’s intervention and leadership, Greenwich’s unique character and local decision-making power remain intact. His actions remind us of the importance of vigilant and responsive representation in government, capable of defending our community’s interests against overarching state mandates.

Our representatives played their hand, showing a readiness to substitute local preference for state imposition, and a willingness to forsake environmental considerations for unchecked development permissions. As voters and residents, our response must be clear and resolute. We must hold these elected officials accountable for their actions, remembering who truly stands for Greenwich’s interests.  Let there be no misunderstanding---Meskers, Arzeno and Khana will not protect Greenwich.

As the next election approaches, let’s reflect on the dedication of those who genuinely advocate for us, and consider the impact of each vote on the future of our community. It’s a crucial time to critically assess who has Greenwich’s best interests at heart and to act accordingly at the polls.

Thank you Senator Ryan Fazio. 

Edward Dadakis has been involved in local Greenwich government for more than 40 years. 

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