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Greenwich Republicans

We believe in fiscally sound policies and the
freedom of opportunity for every individual.


Greenwich 2023 CANDIDATES

We believe strongly in the inherent fairness and goodness of the American people.
Republicans believe that our people can accomplish great things together.

Republicans are the Party of America

Republicans are the Party of Parents!
Republicans are the Party of Working People!
Republicans are the Party of Liberty and Freedom!

Our Mission

Efficient government, responsible stewardship, & educational excellence

The Greenwich Republican Town Committee is an integral part of the Greenwich CT community with members and associates who are committed to a fiscally-sound economic policy that promotes, among other things, an efficient government and spirit of volunteerism that serves all the people of Greenwich without encumbering future generations, encourages responsible stewardship of our precious resources and supports educational excellence, by supporting initiatives that improve the skills of all of our students, regardless of their abilities.

OUR ISSUES As a Political Party, Republicans Will:

  • Stop Inflation- High Gas And High Food Prices.
  • Create Good Jobs And Empower Small Businesses.
  • Preserve Religious Freedom.
  • Fund And Back The Police.
  • Support Parents’ Involvement In Schools.
  • Ensure Honest And Fair Elections.
  • Create Fair, Safe And Efficient Immigration.
  • Preserve The Sanctity Of Life And Family Values.
  • Stop The March To Socialism.

In Our Community

Absentee Ballots are now Available

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Our Voices in Social Media

A message from Our Spokeswoman Deneen Borelli

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