Our Mission

Efficient government, responsible stewardship, & educational excellence

The Greenwich Republican Town Committee is an integral part of the Greenwich CT community with members and associates who are committed to a fiscally-sound economic policy that promotes, among other things, an efficient government and spirit of volunteerism that serves all the people of Greenwich without encumbering future generations, encourages responsible stewardship of our precious resources and supports educational excellence, by supporting initiatives that improve the skills of all of our students, regardless of their abilities.


Greenwich Republicans recognize that our town is a blend of individuals with their own dreams, hopes, problems and opportunities. We believe that our town should not only be a place to live but a place where all people can pursue their careers and positively impact our community.


Greenwich Republicans believe that our town government should be smaller, more efficient and serve ALL the people of Greenwich.


Greenwich Republicans support neighborhood schools that strive for excellence and maximize every student’s educational outcomes, by improving the skills of all of our students, regardless of their abilities.


Greenwich Republicans recognize that an essential role of our town government is to ensure our community’s safety and we promote partnerships among government agencies, businesses and private citizens to implement effective public safety strategies.


Greenwich Republicans recognize that the success of our party locally depends on our residents who volunteer their time to serve our town on a board or commission, or run for elected office. Our doors are wide open and we encourage those who want to get involved.


Greenwich Republicans believe that we should not burden future generations with long term debt.


Greenwich Republicans recognize that our town has unique and beautiful natural resources that must be preserved and protected and we promote environmental stewardship, open space and conservation efforts based on sound science combined with evidence-based best practices.


Greenwich Republicans recognize that Greenwich is a small town and we will work to protect our property values and preserve the unique combination of coastal, suburban, and countryside living for which this town is renown.

[Approved by Greenwich Republican Town Committee on May 23, 2018 as recommended by the Executive Committee]

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