50% Republican Men Did Not Vote in 2021!

Greenwich Town elections will be held on Tuesday, November 7th. You may be surprised to know that half of all Republican men did not vote in Greenwich town elections in 2021. Women did better with 57% voting in 2021. We can change this pattern on November 7th and ensure a large majority of Republicans -- men and women -- vote in 2023 town elections. 

BET Republicans are facing a tough election. They have worked hard to ensure we fund the best schools and town services AND keep our taxes low. Greenwich Democrats want to increase spending, take on $1 billion of long-term debt, and increase property taxes. Your vote is needed to help keep taxes affordable. 

Per the Greenwich charter, six members from each party are elected to the BET. Hence, the six candidates on the ballot from each party will win. However, the party that gets more votes (the sum of all six candidates) will elect the chair of the BET and decide on your taxes. Hence, it is crucial to vote for ALL SIX Republicans and not split the vote.

If you work in NYC or are out of town, please consider voting by absentee NOW. You can walk into Town Hall and cast your absentee vote. The timings are: 

  • Weekdays between 8AM and 4PM until Monday, November 6th
  • Wednesday, November 1st, extended hours until 7PM (instead of 4PM)
  • Saturday, November 4th, from 8AM to 12 noon

Alternatively, you can click HERE and apply online for a ballot to be sent by postal mail. You can complete your ballot and deposit it in the dropbox outside Town Hall (101 Field Point Road in Greenwich) any time before election day.

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