Important message from our friends at CT 169 Strong. The senate vote is TODAY, and is hugely important to our town.

You have been hearing from Greenwich Republicans about this legislation for several months now. As absurd, subversive and unpopular as it is, like us you probably thought it would go nowhere. Well here we are, fighting a sneak attack as only our CT Democrats can effect. Read on and act!





Dear Friends,


We are hearing from sources at the Capitol that the State Senate is likely to take up consideration of SB-998 tonight.

We need you to ACT NOW. Contact your Senator. Use our online form to contact your representatives immediately:

The Fair Share bill was inserted into an unrelated bill by the House Democrats late Friday, despite House leaders saying it was essentially dead after a lack of political support.

In calling for the vote in the House, members were told that SB-998 was to be a “study”. It is clearly not a study; in fact, it is just Step One.

Step One: legitimizing an unworkable and reckless allocation scheme.
These mandates establish punitive allocations in a complete vacuum based generally upon affluence of a community, and without regard to infrastructure, town sewage, developable land, and other aspects that are unique to our towns and cities. Large cities and small towns will all have a state imposed mandates as established, monitored and enforced by a statewide affordable housing “coordinator”.

Step Two: soon follows, establishing mandates on towns to create the fair share affordable housing within limited timeframes and imposing onerous consequences overriding local zoning and lawsuits against municipalities.

Fair Share's reckless allocation methodology will result in unfunded mandates on towns and cities. Thereby resulting in the over-development of market value units in the entire state, higher property taxes and adverse environmental impacts on our finite land and natural resources.

Connecticut deserves better than this!

We urge you to immediately contact your state Senator and demand that they vote no on SB-998 and HB-6890




Call Senate Leadership NOW!

Contact leadership here:

Sen. Bob Duff  - 860-240-8614

Sen. Martin Looney - 860-240-8614

Sen. MD Rahman - 860-240-5302

It’s time for the State to work collaboratively with Municipal Leaders. NO to bad governance, NO to bad legislative process, NO to legislating in the DARK.

Connecticut deserves so much better than this!

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