Ignore the Falsehoods

Focus on the Candidates.  

Many Greenwich residents are being deluged with emails from a group calling itself “Greenwich Voices for Democracy“ that contain untrue comments about Republicans. These emails have regrettably become a regular part of election season, turning what was once a period of thoughtful discussion within our community about the skills and experiences brought to town government by candidates for public office into a Washington-style political campaign of the type that has so deeply divided our nation.   Greenwich residents may not realize that this organization is chaired by former Democratic First Selectman candidate Sandy Litvack. You can find more information about this organization, which is registered with the State as Voices for Democracy, by clicking on this link (organizations are listed alphabetically).  

This email campaign has been supplemented by aggressive tactics used in several RTM committee meetings this year by a group of left-wing RTM members who have tried to disrupt meetings and force or prevent committee votes on certain matters. Many of these RTM members have also signed letters to the newspapers attacking some of their fellow RTM members - all in violation of the RTM’s rules that members treat each other with respect.

We urge you not to be misled by these attacks. Voting for the Democratic slate in this year’s election will reward this sort of behavior and incent the instigators of these campaign tactics to continue using them in the future. 

This leftward turn taken by the Democratic Party in Greenwich threatens to destroy the political peace and harmony we have enjoyed in this town for over one hundred years. We urge voters to ignore the falsehoods propagated by this group and instead focus on the positions advocated by the candidates for office - candidates who in many cases are your neighbors, friends or acquaintances.

For the sake of the peace and harmony in our community please reject the candidates who are relying on these methods to win the election by voting for the Republican slate (Row B) on election day.

Greenwich Republicans

Everyone is asking about the RTM. Here is information on active and community-oriented residents running for RTM who can put politics aside with a united goal of keeping Greenwich, Greenwich. Please reach out with questions for your respective districts (to find out what RTM district you are in as well as your polling location, click here).

"As a longtime resident of Greenwich, I am stunned by the divisiveness and rumors circulating in the current political climate. Therefore, after careful research and discussions, I firmly believe that the following list of RTM CANDIDATES will best serve our community. Their voices champion good governance, common sense, and a thoughtful approach and a genuine concern for the well-being of our community."

HRITZ:  Here's How I'm Voting On Nov 7th In Greenwich (CT Centinal)

"It’s truly draconian measures they’ve used in their campaign messaging. It’s repressive. Uneducated, at best. And scorchingly unfair not to mention severely inaccurate.....No matter who you choose on that ballot come November 7th, be sure you haven't been misled before you cast your vote."

LoCascio: No prancing around as part of any "MAGA" Group (Greenwich Free Press)

"Our town has a 98-year legacy of trusted stewardship of the hard-earned taxpayer dollars entrusted to us by hard-working residents. This has resulted in a town that people aspire to live in, raise families and build community relationships..."

"Someone leaked a letter addressed to the 100+ residents who have stepped up to protect Greenwich to the media. We wish this person and those who choose to use dishonorable methods all the best and may God give them courage to be true to their values."

Capalbo: 100+ Residents Step Up to Protect & Preserve Greenwich's Legacy (Greenwich Free Press)

What a different tone when the controversial partisan group Indivisible took over the RTM in 2017! Read article for a refresher! 

Huge Shake-up on the RTM (2017 - Greenwich Time)


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