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Good Evening Fellow Republicans, 

We hope this email finds you well and that you all had a safe and enjoyable New Years.

As many of you have seen, we have our RTC caucuses coming up on Tuesday (January 9th). These occur every two years in January and happen in each of our town's 12 districts. These are meetings held to elect Republican representatives to the RTC membership. Only registered Republicans in their respective districts can attend and vote for candidates.

This current RTC has been in place for just under two years. During that time we have expanded our party through extensive messaging and database overhaul, community outreach, get-out-the-vote initiatives, volunteer work, creating a social media presence, forming a newsletter, nominating candidates who will advance Republican values, standing by parents and a full revival of the Grand Old Party.

We stand united as staunch supporters of Parental Rights. We believe Public Safety is Paramount. We stand firm on local control of our town. We do not waiver on being fiscally accountable to the hard-working taxpayer. Most of all, we represent Common Sense. 

Thank you for all of your support in the 2023 Municipal Elections. Our two main responsibilities are to select and endorse Republican candidates and get out the vote! We won a hard fought election with all but 2 incumbents on the ballot. 

We've had RTCs from across CT and several other states asking us how we did it, including Maine, Pennsylvania & New York. That is something all of you should be proud of. 

The Greenwich Republicans are now the premier RTC in the state of Connecticut. 

Our CONTINUED success depends on you. We are asking you to come out on a cold January evening to cast your vote for common-sense, fiscally-responsible Republicans to represent your district. Join us on Tuesday night and see for yourself what these Greenwich Republicans represent. 


"Hey, Greenwich Republicans! You better make sure you get all of your ducks in a row for the upcoming Republican Town Committee (RTC) caucuses on January 9th... because a pair of ladies more commonly known as 'the Voting Moms' just sent out an email signaling that they are trying to take over the RTC."

The Voting Moms, a Front Group for Dems, Signals it Wants to Take Over the Greenwich Republican Party

"Greenwich Public Schools district officials have decided NOW is the time for Hamilton Avenue Elementary School to get a new heating and cooling system after its original geothermal system failed in August...

While that may sound like a good solution to a “heated” problem at a school which was quite over budget when being rebuilt, my big question about this cluster is WHO is accountable?"

Tommasino: Accountability for Ham Ave School HVAC System (Greenwich Free Press)


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