October 2023 Newsletter

Important News in Greenwich

Let’s keep Greenwich the top-notch community you chose to live in. Our candidates for First Selectman, Selectman, the Board of Education, the Board of Estimate & Taxation, and Town Clerk will continue to keep our taxes low, our streets safe, our schools fully funded and our property values high. 

There has been much dis-information in certain local papers about what is going on in local politics. Stay tuned here for the facts!


"I was a lifelong “Kennedy Democrat“ and now, like many others, I am a Republican."

Letter: A Former Dem, I'm Backing Republicans for Greenwich BET (Hritz)

 "I take strong issue with the letter from a supposed "coalition" (group letter: Planned Takeover of the RTM is a Clear and Present Danger to Greenwich Government) vilifying those trying to maintain the successful, well-run government that has made Greenwich such a wonderful place to live." 

"Coalition" Decrying Incivility of Republicans is a Case Study in Smear Tactics (Fichtel)

"Our town residents deserve to have modernized infrastructure AND affordable taxes. We firmly believe that this IS achievable. We need to come together as neighbors and residents, and support compromises. We must treat public funds with respect and work together to find solutions. A ‘my way or the highway approach’ is not acceptable and serves only to delay and to create contention.

With respect to the CMS project, with your support, we will endeavor to find compromise with the BOE, to allow us to break ground on CMS this coming spring and get the students in a new school within 24 months."

Greenwich Residents Deserve Modern Infrastructure AND Affordable Taxes (BET Candidates)

"If we listen to this false reasoning, we will be throwing our money out the window, and the result will be either: 1. Taxes go up; Or 2. We borrow and foist repayment on future generations, though we inherited a community with no long-term debt.Greenwich

Democrats who run the Democratic Town Committee say, “you can afford it,” promising to pass costs we didn’t face on to our children while ignoring the 34 percent of the town’s households who live in rentals or those on fixed income who can’t afford it.

Republicans say, “Can we do better?” and the answer is a resounding “yes! We can do MUCH better.”

Please Right-Size Central Middle School (Spilo)

"The numbers do not lie. $330 million has been allocated to the BoE for GPS operations and capital this year. Over $1 BILLION has been spent on school maintenance and capital projects over the last fifteen years. I agree it is inexcusable that any maintenance issues exist in our schools. The BoE and GPS administration need to do some hefty housekeeping to ensure our money is put to better use. That said, the trajectory we are on with BoE spending is untenable, even for Greenwich."

Montanaro: Common Sense

"I am 66 years old and a third generation, lifetime Greenwich resident. In all my 66 years as a resident, I have not seen this kind of wake-up call from Greenwich residents. Our town has a 98-year legacy of trusted stewardship of the hard-earned taxpayer dollars entrusted to us by hard-working residents. This has resulted in a town that people aspire to live in, raise families and build community relationships. Our town’s residents enjoy high quality public and private schools, parks, beaches, civic centers, golf courses and town services with low taxes that are the envy of most towns.

Today over 100 residents across the 12 districts of Greenwich have stepped up to protect and preserve this precious legacy of our town for the next generation."

100+ Residents Step Up to Protect & Preserve Greenwich's Legacy (Capalbo)


The Board of Education (BoE) is the governing body for all Greenwich schools and is charged with overseeing the School District in accordance with the national standard for governance, oversight, public engagement and stewardship of the public education system.

The BoE consists of eight elected members each serving four year terms, with four members elected every two years. The BoE has one employee: the Superintendent of schools whom they hire and oversee.

Karen Kowalski and Wendy Vizzo Walsh are our eminently qualified candidates.  Read more about them below.

Please remind your college-aged kids (and any high-schoolers that turn 18 before November 7th!) to sign up to receive their absentee ballot.

Absentee ballots are now available at Town Hall in the Clerk's office. 


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