Press Release 01.18.2024

Greenwich Republicans achieved a remarkable record turnout at 12 district caucuses this past week despite the challenging weather conditions on a rainy night. 

Over 900 Republicans actively participated in the caucuses, demonstrating the strong engagement of the Republican Party.  The results reflect our party’s vitality, with 40 incumbents successfully reelected, 25 new members welcomed, and one open seat in District 5.

During the previous term, we successfully expanded our party’s reach, increasing our membership base by 5 percent.  We anticipate continued growth with a significant associate membership.  Notably, changes made to our By-Laws have enhanced inclusivity on our multiple committees, providing more opportunities and widening our organizational structure.  We are particularly pleased with the talent and enthusiasm these changes have brought to our party.

As we look ahead, we remain optimistic about achieving further successes by building upon the momentum of our last election where we ran a full slate in every office and emerged victorious.  Our commitment extends to overcoming challenges posed by competing against Democrats Emily Goodman’s and Jenna Lowe’s illegal PAC and a biased media.  Despite recent articles containing a plethora of erroneous information, we are steadfast in our dedication to providing accurate and reliable updates to the public.  Please visit to sign up or join our massive social media following.


Beth MacGillivray, Chair
Greenwich Republicans

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