September 2023 Newsletter

Important News in Greenwich

The next 2 months will be action packed with campaigns for the upcoming crucial election of Greenwich town officials. Let’s keep Greenwich the top-notch community you chose to live in.  Below is a brief summary on each of our outstanding Republican candidates. Our candidates for First Selectman, Selectman, the Board of Education, the Board of Estimate and Taxation and Town Clerk will continue to keep our taxes low, our streets safe, our schools fully funded and our property values high. You can bet on it!

There has been much dis-information in certain local papers about what is going on in local politics. Stay tuned here for the facts and keep an eye out for more details in our October issue.




The Board of Education (BoE) is the governing body for all Greenwich schools and is charged with overseeing the School District in accordance with the national standard for governance, oversight, public engagement and stewardship of the public education system.

The BoE consists of eight elected members each serving four year terms, with four members elected every two years.

The BoE has one employee: the Superintendent of schools whom they hire and oversee.

Karen Kowalski and Wendy Walsh  are our eminently qualified candidates.  Read more about them below.



The Board of Estimate and Taxation (BET) is responsible for drafting and administering the town’s budget (which is then reviewed by the First Selectman prior to being presented for approval to the RTM).  It also sets the town tax mill rate. In addition, the BET appoints the Town Controller and Town Assessor.

The Board also acts on requests for additional appropriations, transfers and allotments made during the fiscal year.  Each of the two major political parties in town nominate six candidates. Members hold office for two years beginning on January 1 following their election. They are unpaid and may not hold any other elected office. It is arguably the most powerful town committee.  

The BET is incredibly important as this committee determines the quality of life in Greenwich. The Republican led BET has maintained and improved that quality of life, which for many of us is why we chose to live in Greenwich in the first place (for more click here to read Joe's letter).

The Republican slate listed here will continue to listen to the needs of our residents and are extremely qualified to maintain the highest standards set by our current Republican BET members.


(1) Please remind your college-aged kids (and any high-schoolers that turn 18 before November 7th!) to sign up to receive their absentee ballot. 

(2) Come to our Annual Clambake on Sunday, September 17th at 1-4PM at the Greenwich Point Clambake area. You will have a chance to meet all of the candidates discussed above and ask them about our Common Sense ticket! Click on the image for more information and to buy tickets online:

(3) Also on the ballot in November will be the election of a new set of RTM members. Now is your last chance to think about stepping up and volunteering for your town in this important election! If you are interested in running for an RTM seat the way to get on the ballot is by having a petition signed by at least 25 voters registered in the district in which you reside. 

Where do I get the petition? 

  • The petition is available at Town Hall at this time, or via this link 
  • The petition shall bear no political designation and shall be filed with the Town Clerk by 4PM on September 15th, 2023

Who do I have sign the petition? 

  • You need at least 25 signatures from registered voters in your district
  • Make sure that all information (your own and your petition signers) appears as it does on the voter lists. 

How do I know what my district is? 

  • Your RTM District is the same as your voting District. Greenwich voters go to the same polling place for every type of election: municipal, state or federal. 
  • Find your district and other RTM info here.

How long is the RTM position held? 

  • RTM seats are for 2 year terms. 

What is the time commitment? 

  • There are 16 annual meetings (8 RTM meetings, 8 district meetings).
  • You may have additional meetings (up to 8) if you sit on a committee within your district.
  • Note: The RTM does not meet in the months of February, July, August & November

As an RTM Member you would have a voice in shaping the future of Greenwich. 


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