Toni Jones overreach with Falsehoods

Good Afternoon Greenwich Republicans,

As I am sure you are aware, a mass email from Dr. Jones went out to the entire GPS community yesterday afternoon regarding flyers being handed out near CMS. What you may not know is that it was full of falsehoods and flat out lies. Her own officials at CMS greeted and permitted flyer distribution to interested individuals.

There were zero disruptions to traffic patterns and no student was tardy because of these flyers being distributed. That is an impossibility since they were being handed out at a stop sign, not at the school entrance, to individuals who had already dropped children off.

For the press to jump on this and for Toni Jones to work in conjunction with the press to spread disinformation is highly unbecoming of someone in her position. We must not let this one slide.

This, once again, shows the deep biases of Dr. Jones and the media. I am sure the second they heard it was a Republican generated flyer, the alarms were sounded.

We must take a stand against the one-sided messaging preferred by our Superintendent, GPS administrators, PTAC and certain members who head up PTA boards.

Dr. Jones never once takes exception to flyers calling for political activism that are repeatedly sent out by our PTAs or the scathing letter PTAC wrote about our Republican BET.

Yesterday's event was done well within ALL guidelines and rules. We made sure of that.

Their defensive response is very telling. I hope we can all unite behind this position and hold Dr. Jones accountable for spreading misinfo to the ENTIRE GPS community yesterday afternoon.

I will be drafting a letter to Dr. Jones stating the facts from above and would greatly appreciate the ability to add all of your names to it.

Thank you very much,

Joe Montanaro
Greenwich Republicans


Below is Chairwoman MacGilliviray's response which was shared at the bottom of the Greenwich Free Press article from yesterday:

"I was dismayed and disappointed by Toni Jones’s email which was sent to ALL recipients of Greenwich Public Schools at 2:31PM.  It is disheartening to see her falsely claim existence of disruptive traffic issues and confusion for families.  Her email falls short of professionalism one would expect from our superintendent of schools.  Toni Jones resorts to rash reactions without verifying the facts.   Her own official at CMS  greeted and permitted distribution to interested individuals.  As someone who holds the superintendent to a higher standard, I anticipated a response grounded in accurate information."

Attached are images of the flyer.



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