Greenwich Zoning in Jeopardy - Call to Action 2/22/23

Join us on Wednesday, February 22 at 4pm. DesegregateCT will be presenting their “Live Work Ride” proposal to the virtual Greenwich Town P&Z meeting...

Note from the Chair:

DesegregateCT will be presenting their “Live Work Ride” proposal to the Greenwich Town Planning & Zoning meeting on Wednesday, February 22 at 4PM.  READ THE DRAFT BILL HERE

DesegregateCT is again proposing a bill in which Greenwich would "opt-in" to eliminate the authority of local zoning commissions on dense housing projects near our four train stations, in exchange for access to state discretionary funding. If we DON’T “opt-in” we are denied state discretionary funding, will have to return any funds received for plans, and will not have access to any future funding.

This proposed bill from DesegregateCT is an insult. Greenwich sends the most tax dollars to Hartford; now they want to remove our town's unique character, through a so-called “opt-in” that is really just bribery and extortion. We cannot give up our ability to have local residents’ concerns matter when it comes to developmental excesses in and around the Greenwich, Cos Cob, Riverside, and Old Greenwich train stations. 

DesegregateCT’s ideas are not good for Greenwich. For example, the neighborhoods around train stations, which already struggle with parking issues, would be grossly overburdened by vehicles associated with these “Live Work Ride” apartment buildings because minimum parking requirements are not allowed under DesegregateCT’s new law.

And how exactly would “Live Work Ride” regulations impact our town at the same time state statute "8-30g” stays on the books, which mandates 10% of our town's total housing stock to be deed-restricted, low-income affordable housing. How do you think our housing stock ratio will be impacted by “Live Work Ride” which allows “as of right” building privileges to developers to build up to 30 units per acre?

To save the character of Greenwich, attend this virtual meeting and voice your opposition to this disastrous bill. Invite others to join as well:

Join the Virtual Planning & Zoning meeting - Transit-Oriented Development 


We have prepared some sign suggestions you may download, or make your own.

TO HOLD UP A VIRTUAL SIGN (please set this up prior to meeting start)
- Click here to download - or create your own sign in .jpg or .png format
- Change your Zoom profile picture to the sign of your choosing.
- Set Video to OFF

Also on February 22 - at Noon 

Housing advocates and paid lobbyists are holding a "forum" on 8-30g. We are concerned this conversation will be solely through the lens of proponents of 8-30g, and will not address the shortcomings of the law. We urge you to attend this meeting as well. You must register to attend the free event here: 

Join Webinar - Lobbyists supporting 8-30g in Fairfield County 

Please help us spread the word about both virtual events.

Forward in Freedom,

Beth MacGillivray

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