Post-Partisan Support for Kimberly Fiorello for State Rep

To be sure, it has been a heck of a year for students and parents in Greenwich and Stamford trying to make up for the extreme learning loss of having remote school for months and months through COVID and then in masks for longer (until end of February of this year). Alas, we can look forward to the change of pace and recreation time that summer brings, but we parents cannot forget what we learned this year about government control, education for academic excellence versus indoctrination, and about being post-partisan. For these reasons, I will be proudly and enthusiastically supporting Kimberly Fiorello for State Rep because she puts children and parents first.
Government Control. It was eye-opening and harrowing to endure the iron-fisted rule of the federal government, the state government, and even the local town government — especially the school administration — when it came to dictatorial mandates on personal decisions related to one’s child’s health and body. Dictatorial mandates violate individual liberty and parental rights and hurt our children; force and coercion are always wrong – especially when it comes to our kids.


Reagan had it mostly right. I would add two more words to what Reagan called the 9 most terrifying words in the English language: “I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help…your children”. No thank you, parents are the primary decision-makers for children, period.

Academic Excellence. It was equally eye-opening to discover what was being taught to our children. Social emotional learning lessons on “fear” that showed a very inappropriate and sexually-charged  cartoon of a child and an adult man to second graders. A hyper focus on identity politics and division and critical race theory instead of virtues and civics and the great books. The repeated lessons on genocide for middle-schoolers. And, of course, the disastrous forced compliance with counter-productive COVID mandates that have demonstrably hurt children. COVID lockdowns are not the only reason our children are showing signs of being stressed and traumatized. It is clearly also the marked shift in the curriculum, the content of what they are being taught. Absolutely, now more than ever, parents have been activated and we are engaged in the schools for the sake of our children and their young minds.


Principled Post-Partisanship. This effort of parents to get engaged and to fix our schools so that they focus once more on educating our children to know the pillars of a classical education — and so be empowered and encouraged through knowledge — is not only non-partisan, but it is post-partisan. This is very important to understand. Education, children and parental rights supersede politics. It’s about principles.

The Greenwich Republicans unanimously endorsed Kimberly Fiorello – not because of the “R” on her jersey – but because of her principles. And these principles cross party lines.The vast majority of us parents of all political stripes should appreciate having this defender of liberty – this strong advocate for children, parents and educational achievement fighting for us too.

Concerned Greenwich Parents supports candidates with a track record of doing what they promise to do and the strength of character and courage to defend and advance parental rights and liberty when elected. I hope you will join us in supporting Kimberly Fiorello whose core principles put children and families first as this is a bedrock of any healthy, thriving society
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