Senator Ryan Fazio Champions Local Control in Fighting S.B. 416


May 1, 2024


Senator Ryan Fazio Champions Local Control in Fighting S.B. 416


HARTFORD, CT – Today, Senator Ryan Fazio (R-Greenwich) led five hours of floor debate against S.B. 416 in the Senate and in defense of local control. The controversial bill, which proposed allowing the conversion of commercial buildings into residential developments “as of right” without local zoning oversight, was met with staunch opposition from Senator Fazio and several colleagues. 

“The principle that a government that governs closest to the people governs best is fundamental to our democracy,” said Senator Fazio. “Local communities must have the authority to shape their own destinies. When it comes to zoning and development, one size does not fit all. Each town and city in Connecticut is unique. S.B. 416 threatens to disregard the voices of local residents.”

Senator Fazio continued, “I will always support the right of Greenwich, Stamford, and New Canaan to govern themselves on housing issues and beyond. State control should not replace local control. The bill would give developers the right to convert any commercial property, even with environmental, health, and safety implications, into residential properties without any oversight by the towns. Our towns could not even require clean-up of gas stations, dry cleaners, or firing ranges before conversion.”

S.B. 416 represents a significant problem for municipalities across Connecticut, ensuring that local voices remain at the forefront of decisions affecting their communities. Hopefully, the opposition of Senator Fazio and Republicans will prevent Democrats from passing S.B. 416 fully into law on party lines.


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